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How To Use #HashTags Properly

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Surprisingly most of you might find out that you've been using hash tags the wrong way after reading this article.

I sometimes see alot of posts with HashTags disability, i mean wrong constructions when hash-tagging, and i strongly believe that being ignorant isn't wrong, but not wanting to learn is strictly wrong. Popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook use HashTagging as a way of conveying a main point to the reader. It gives a concise meaning to the sentence made.

Hashtags are stylised in link format (clickable) and are different in color (mostly in blue) when active.

- Hastags can be used for  Topic naming

What They Are Used For

  • To send subliminal message to readers
  • To initiate a main point
  • For conversing with similar topics

For example:
There's nothing more fun than relaxing #Holiday

The Hashtag #Holiday might have different interpretations, but one sure fact is that the user meant that he/she is on vacation and is relaxing after being tangled in his/her workplace.

Another Example:
It's great to be back #BackToSchool

#BackToSchool there means the writer is back to school after a brief or long vacation.

Notice that the BackToSchool is in camel case
How??? Back To School - first letter of each word is capitalized and conjoined to be more readable.

Things To Do 

  • Use camel cases when using multiple words
  • Don't use special characters like ;+&% apart from the Hash sign (#)
  • Ensure the main point is in #
  • Avoid using too many hashtags, 1 - 5 is okay
  • Avoid using only numbers
  • Give spaces when using multiple hashtags eg. #Hello #ItsMe (correct) #Hello#itsMe (wrong)

They are lots of Hashtagging tips, do follow the basics and become Hasbro

You can also let us know more tips by dropping your comments. 

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