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Ladies and Gentlemen I Present You The Car of the Future (Photos)

There's no better saying than 'the future is now'.
I'm elated that all these crazy and awesome inventions are all happening in my generation and I'm a part of it too.

This auto was unveiled during this year's annual Consumer Electronics Summit CES in the United states.

Toyota says the auto uses an advanced AI the "Yui". It's adaptive to learning what the users likes with time, tell me who doesn't loves a car that learns from experience and I'll show a hoverboard that doesn't have tires *coughs*

See the pictures for yourself

 Internal interior decoration

 Headlight can wink too

 Exlusive entry

 I'm speechless

This is too awesome!

This is too good to be true but it is true!

I'm suppose to write some fascinating features of this car but I'm too excited.
So click here

Watch the video below:

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