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How To Choose A Smartphone To Buy

The title of the post might seem confusing or funny, but it is actually an article on how to choose a Smartphone to buy.

When buying a Smartphone, a device that does things in a smater way, a device that has an assistant like siri, cortana and google voice, a device that uses very catchy customizable themes for beautification and other many features to mention.  Well, enough of the Smartphone definition, we all know what a Smartphone is, if you don't know you can check Wikipedia for more clarification so you don't construe.

I use this technique of mine to get a particular device without having to get lost after seeing too many Smartphones online or in a physical retail shop

Okay, before i bore you with much writing, below are my trusted ways on How To Choose A Smartphone To Buy

1. Have 2 to 3 alternatives

They are alot of awesome devices that leave you choiceless and greedy after seeing them. Now to discipline yourself, kindly map out 2 -3 Smartphones. An example, assuming you have all the Infinix Hot 4 variants in mind, the Infinix Hot 4 lite, Infinix Hot 4 and the Infinix Hot 4 pro as a choice, kindly write down or have them in your mind. This will help you in choosing figuratively without being confused, then you sort out to buy the one measuring with your Budget.

2. Consider the Battery Capacity

This is one of the most important aspects to me when choosing a Smartphone. Ensure you get a device that has a name when it comes to battery lasting performance, you can check people's review online on certain device manufacturer's battery lasting capacity.

Try getting a battery with 1800 mAh and above. Getting below that might ruin your love for long standing performance. I strongly recommend 3000 mAh and above for maximum performance, but if you have constant electricity supply you can opt for lower battery recommendations. That's all i have for battery now.

3. Portability

I'm a geek in nature and i strongly detest flashy and big things that can't fit into pocket. Gadgets comes in different sizes for different people with different tastes. Try to note down the dimension of the Smartphone you like, if its 5.5 inch display and weighs less than a tea mug or 6.0 phablet or even 10 inches Tab that weighs lesser like a 40 leaves exercise book, just note it down. You always check online for dimensions and sizes of your preferred Smartphone.

My personal recommendation for screen displays are 5 to 5.5 inch display, i believe they're the most portable device sizes in the market.

4. Camera Clarity 

No matter how massive a phone specs seem to look like, without a reasonable camera quality, the ratings wouldn't surpass 5 in ratings from 0 to 10.

Always gear up for a smart camera quality even if you're not the picture or selfie freak type, you might just need it someday for something memorable.

My personal recommendation for a clear camera is 8 Mega Pixels and above for Back camera and 2MP and above for the Front camera. You can also check camera specs on google using the device name

5. Mode of Purchase

This is very important! not after mapping your whole plan and then your ordered device remains in the product track map on the platform you bought for ages.

Ensure you visit online stores you can trust like Konga, Jumia, Yudala, and so many others, don't be too moved by slashed price or promos so you don't end up buying wood instead of a Smartphone.

Also ensure the offline retail shops can be trusted before buying. You can always ask people for their honest testimonies about their retail stores.

6. Gadget Budget

This is the most important factor when buying a Smartphone, though it's coming late in the article.

All the tips from 1 - 5 can be only certified if there's a enough money budgeted for the acclaimed device.

Just make sure you cut your coat according to the available material so you don't end up selling the Smartphone after few weeks of purchase because you spent unwisely.
It is advisable to plan ahead of time, maybe a month or two to ensure there's is enough money after buying your chosen Smartphone.

Avoid borrowing except you are sure of paying back conveniently to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

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