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How To Print E-mail From Your Smartphone


If you have been finding it difficult to access a computer or don't have one you have no problem at all.
So let me be quick before you get bored by my gists.

Steps To Printing Mail From Your Phone

This DIY tutorial uses Gmail E-mail service as an example. You can use other E-mail services following the same formats.
Android 5.1 Lollipop is the used device.

  • Open the E-mail app
  • Tap the option button
  • Tap the print button and save as PDF to memory

>> After being converted to pdf, ensure you choose the foolscap as page size

>> Tap the print Icon and ensure the device is connected to the printer.
When connected it will will be indicated on the printer.

See Image illustrations

After PDF conversion then go to settings, then printing, then locate printer ( Especially WiFi printer) and then confirm and Print.

And that's all. For questions drop your comments.

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