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How To Stop Receiving Annoying Messages on WhatsApp

Its no news that they're millions of annoying messages floating on the web and most of them originate from WhatsApp, especially the groups.

Well, having seen most people telling other members in a group to keep mute because their annoying messages are buzzing their phones, so i ‭decided to do a little justice to that.

There's no need to start a fire out of a firewood when there's gas or an electric cooker available for use. You don't start a fight, rather ignore the fight by silencing notifications.

Here's How To Stop Unwanted Messsages on WhatsApp

>> Go to the WhatsApp app

>> Tap on the Group you'd like to mute

>> Tap the Group name at the top

>> Switch the toggle button ON to Mute notifs

>> Then Select Mute options
• 8 hours
• 1 week
• 1 year

Ensure you uncheck the 'Show Notifications' option to completely ignore messages from chosen groups.


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