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How To Stop Unwanted Android Notifications

App Notifications are good at times and can also be so annoying most times, you need to know how to configure your notifs settings to enable you get some rest when notifs just keep buzzing in. An example is when you stay offline on WhatsApp for one week or more and you likely belong to atleast 4 active chat groups, expect to see hundreds or thousands of unread messages when you come online.

DIY disclaimer:

This Do It Yourself Tip was done using Android Lollipop version 5.1, You can also do so in other most recent versions of Android.

How To Stop Unwanted Notifications Alerts on Android

  • Go to settings

  • Tap on Sound & Notificatio

  • Under Notification and Other >> Tap Notification

  • Select 1: When device is locked; to choose display options for notifs when device is locked

  •  Select 2: App Notifications;

Then scroll and select the app you want to configure 

Choose Notification settings option for the selected app

And that's all.

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