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Nokia 3310 Is Coming Back As Android

If you were born in the 90s you'd probably know this unbeatable machine marketed as a small phone.

There's no need to give specifications about this device. It will be a Heartbreak if you didn't see or handle this magnificent device.

Nokia 3310

Now straight to the gist i have, it seems that someone is remaking the Nokia 3310 of the old into a more fashionable and sleek device. According to rumors, the remake is going to be running on Android.

It's been buzzing over the Internet for a while now and my instincts are telling me that it's a speculated rumor. But i'm hoping it's true. I can wait to start hitting nails into the wall with that machine.

See the picture of the rumored Nokia 3310 Android below

Would you place an order ?

I'll bring you more information regarding this decvice. Stay glued!

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