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Top Billionaire Companies and Where They Started

Life is a journey and to start such a journey you would have to take a step. You would have to create awareness by kick starting your dreams into reality.

However my point is that, what matters is your diligence towards achieving your laid out goals. Your pasts sometimes do not really matter, your decision now matters the most. Only the very aged can complain of not utilizing opportunities when they were much younger and in Prime.

I came accross this picture on Twitter and decided to share.

See picture below

The header title in Spanish translates to "When you remove the excuses you see the opportunity"
  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Amazon
  4. Harley
  5. Disney
  6. Mattel
They all started in a garage.
They now have properties worth billions.

Apple started in the garage and so did Google and some other companies. Even though other companies started quite well with great apartments and mine started from the house with no garage - at least for now, i will continue keep the ignition lit.

If you have a garage better startup something iconic!

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