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Why You Should Get Off That Phone If You Want To Remain A Parent

This has been one of my major concerns about Tech becoming bad when it is used wrongly. Technology is for the greater good, make it a tool, do not become the tool.
Advising from what i have experienced, i decided to share this Information after serious reasoning. Please read this, I was in urgent need of a Dunlop - some call it flip flops. So i saw this particular shop from i where i stood, trying to get a glimpse of 'Flop' sellers around the area. I crossed the road to see for myself what i had been admiring from afar and the seller didn't look like she was happy seeing me. The tech mother was busy with her phone and her baby was on the floor looking up to her for mother's attention. I ended up buying nothing because she was reluctant to even glance at her stocks to suggest what i would like. The fact is that she was too glued to her phone and didn't even bother about selling to customers or probably attending to her 2-3 years old baby who was seeking her momma's attention.

More parents are becoming guilty of this offense, so a daycare in Texas had to put up this sign where every parent would see it and heed correction.

See picture below:

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