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About us

True meaning of GKlited
  • GK means geek (a techie or guru of any profession)
  • Lited means enlightened (being informed or knowledgeable)
  • GKlited means an enlightened geek or individual

What inspired us?

The curiousness of wanting to know how to solve Man's problems with technology, drove us into a niche where we could solve collective individual search for genuine Information about technological advancements and their latest know-how.

Why we started?

Motivated by various Technologies and Inventions, our aim is to be first choice in our users mind.
We offer first hand information and we stay ahead of others to inform our ever reading users and their hunger for genuine Information by searching for Information at every nook and cranny of Technology.
We publish satisfactory articles of your favorite gadgets and render complete specs for your eyed devices ranging from Tablets, Phablets, PC’s and many more. 

We are Everything about Technology
  • Mobile Phone Press releases
  •  Telcos Insider news
  •  how-to tutorials
  •  DIY 
  •  Tech Event news
  •  Startup Insider
  •  Computer solutions
  •  Techie people insider  
  •  and lots more.

More Stories coming soon...

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